The Coop Ostra Association

The Coop Ostra Association is Sweden's largest consumer association with 1.3 million members in the Stockholm, Östergötland, Södermanland, Enköping, and Uppsala regions. We firmly believe that together we contribute to a more sustainable society.

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We own and operate nearly 200 stores in the association's area. Our most important task is to make Coop and Coop's stores as good as possible for you as a member.

"With competitive prices, stronger offers for our members, and a world-class customer experience, we create member benefits," says Lars Ericson, CEO of the Coop Ostra Association.

Coop Östra's Association Area

Our area stretches from Hallstavik in the north to Kisa in the south. Finspång, Färingsö, and Möja are independent associations and are not part of our association.

Part of the national consumer cooperative

The Coop Ostra Association, previous Stockholm Consumer Cooperative Society (KfS), was founded in 1916 and is a part of Sweden's consumer cooperative organisation. Our business area stretches from Knivsta in the north to Nynäshamn in the south. We do not operate any shops of our own.

The Swedish Cooperative Union (KF) is jointly owned by the country's approximately thirty consumer cooperative societies, with KfS owning a 22 percent share.

Coop Ostra is also a direct owner of Coop. KF owns 67 percent and KfS owns 33 percent of Coop Sverige AB.


Publicerad: 2017-05-03